Peterborough County Challenge 2019

Sanctioned by the BTBA: Tournament Sanction Certificate 19-0056

Date: Sunday 11th August 2019 or Sunday 18th August 2019 (10 teams each date)

Location: Alconbury Bowling Centre USAF Base Alconbury
RAF, Spartan Lanes, Alconbury, Huntingdon PE28 4DE

Supporters: Peterborough County Challenge Supporters

ScheduleRegistration: 9:15am – 9:30am
Practice: 10am (10 minutes)
Lunch and Redress: 1pm
Afternoon Practice: 2pm (10 minutes)
Raffle Draw and Presentation: 18th August 5:30pm


6 games 5 person Team (mixed teams allowed) – Teams to be made up of any member registered to the same association. Juniors are welcome but must hold an adult membership. Seniors, Juniors and Ladies will receive 10 pins bonus per game. Bonus pins are only applied once.


BTBA Membership will be checked on the BTBA database which is accessible at Anyone wishing to join the BTBA on the day will be able to do so online at and pay by direct debit or credit card at a cost of £22.50 Standard membership.

Before, during, and after the event there could be photography, filming or video taken of participants and prize winners by anyone attending the event, either as an official, spectator, parent or guardian. If you (as a participant, parent or guardian) object to this, you must make your objections known to the tournament manager prior to the event starting and reasonable adjustments will be made.

General playing rules of the BTBA will apply, with the following additional rules:

-All players must wear a shirt bearing the name of the county, shirts do not need to match.
-No outdoor food and drink to be brought into the bowling centre.
-Food and drink to be kept outside the playing area, the playing area is defined as the wooden floor area in front of the house ball racks.
-Any late arrivals will be allowed to join and catch up if all lanes have not reached the 5th frame.

Entry Fee: £135 (£27 per person)
– Lineage: £66 (based on exchange rate of $1.25 to £1)
– Sanction Fee: £10
– Cambs Fee: £5
– Prize fund: £54

Prize fund based on 20 teams

Team Prizes

–1st Place: £400 and Peterborough Vase Trophy
–2nd Place: £225
–3rd Place: £175
–4th Place: £140
–High Team 6 Games Series Sunday 11th August: £45
–High Team 6 Games Series Sunday 18th August: £45

-Individual Prizes
–High 6 Game Series including bonus pins Sunday 11th August: £15
–High 6 Game Series including bonus pins Sunday 18th August: £15
–High Game including bonus pins Sunday 11th August: £10
–High Game including bonus pins Sunday 18th August: £10

–High Game including bonus pins £25

–High Series including bonus pins £25
There will be a bake sale and raffle. The raffle will be drawn on Sunday 18th August after bowling.

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